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    Tie a JUG KNOT around a water bottle soda bottle or aluminum bottle to make a secure carrying strap. This Instructable will demonstrate how to tie a JUG.

    Bottle Sling Knot Infographic Scoutmastercg Com Bottle Sling Knots Survival Knots

    When you get back around.

    Water bottle sling knot. The carry handle can be made into a single loop as shown in the steps below or for heavier items can be made into two carry handles to split the load between two people. You start from the center treating the cords as one making a single pass. Step 2 Use the bottom of the bottle for a guide to determine the distance to leave between the lanyard knot and the first square knots.

    A narrated knot by Fish Bone Knotless Gear Tie. The bottle sling can be used to create a handle for a container with a slight flare or collar. Manny a fellow knot tying friend out in California sent me a photo of a turks head knot that he tied being used as a jugbottle sling.

    Directions on how to make a paracord bottle sling knot. The water bowline is a type of knot designed for use in wet conditions where other knots may slip or jam. So I gave it a try.

    The first knot will be a lanyard knot and will form the bottom where the bottle sits. Re-purpose any container into a reusable water bottle by adding a convenient carrying strap. The Bottle Sling Jug Sling Indian Jug Knot Hackamore or whatever you want to call it is an extremely secure way to put a handle on a water bottle.

    Easy step by step instructions show you how to make a paracord water bottl. The bottle sling knot has been around for centuries. The knot is a simple 3 Lead 5 Bight turks head knot tied from a doubled up single strand of paracord.

    As mentioned the bottle sling affords you the ability to carry any type of jug bottle or jar by creating a hitch around the object and a carry handle. The bottle sling or jug sling is a knot which can be used to create a handle for a glass or ceramic container with a slippery narrow neck as long as the neck widens slightly near the top. This ancient method of forming a sling for the neck of a jug or bottle this knot was described in detail by the Greek physician Heraklas in his first century book on surgical knots and slings.

    Carry Any Bottle With a JUG KNOT Handle. Turks Head Water Bottle Sling. In this video I show you how to tie a bottle sling knot also know as a jug sling or a jar sling knotThis knot is also presented in the Ashley book of kn.

    Knot tying video tutorial.

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